BC Teachers are amazing. To help you understand our profession, I have decided to share professional development stories with you. Please remember that the information published in the media is often distorted. When in doubt, approach a teacher and ask your questions. We’ll be happy to talk with you and share our stories. All stories can be […]

In the last two weeks alone, I have completed the following Professional Development: • took a 30-hour course in Applied Behaviour Analysis to better understand how to teach my lower-functioning autistic students (after school hours on my own dime) • went to an all-day Handwriting Without Tears workshop to learn a systematic way to support […]

This workshop dealt with helping students to recognize their own states of arousal, and self-regulate using various kid-friendly strategies. For example, some students may be wiggling around, looking about the room and bugging others. The first step is to help them recognize their need for movement etc, and then to understand how their behaviour affects […]

Teaching children to behave better I attended three 1 hour sessions on this topic after school and we investigated the difference between punitive consequences and instructional consequences for children.. We learned how to identify some of the causes for problem behaviour and delved into many different strategies for connecting with and teaching the most difficult […]

The best professional development I have ever done is my graduate diploma program and my Masters program. I, of course, paid for this myself, did it on my own time and chose to do it. I learned so much about myself and applied these realizations to my work as an educator. Point of view, perspective, […]

For this Professional Development day, I chose to attend the CUEBC conference. I chose this conference because I believe it is important that I stay informed on how to make proper use of technology when teaching my own students. Using technology is a lot more than putting a computer or an iPad in the hands of my students […]

My job changed this year and as a result I needed to update my skills and knowledge. One day a week I work with low functioning students and one of my jobs is to get them work experience. I secured these jobs on my own time after school. For professional development I looked at what […]

I just received this notice in my inbox and thought of posting it here in case other teachers are interested. All workshops take place on a Saturday and cost $15 each. Are you an artist or educator who wants to brush up on art fundamentals? Art Fundamentals is a series of monthly workshops that explore […]

In the last three years I have paid for a five-day Kagan workshop focussing on engagement strategies for deeper thinking and differentiated learning.These have taken place during the summer Pro-D my district moved from the school year to summer in order to cut costs by laying off CUPE workers I have paid for. Two years […]

This year for Pro-D I have spanned the gambit, as usual, with many different aspects of teaching and learning. I often am asked to present on Pro-D Days, which results in me using more of my own time to do my own Pro-D on topics I want to explore and learn about to become a […]

I just came across this on Facebook and thought I would post it here as well so that it is easier to access at a later time. LETTER: A teacher talks Pro-D days Here’s one part that I particularly enjoyed reading: “Teachers need to have some professional autonomy in planning these days because the needs […]